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8 Questions Jesus Asked: Discipleship for Leaders


We introduce the topic and concept of the book, centered around eight of the questions Jesus asked in his ministry. We pro-pose that asking questions remains a viable means of practicing both discipleship and leadership.

Chapter One - “Do you want to get well?”   John 5:1-18
This chapter explores how a question can create movement and overcome paralysis. The question is set in the context of Jesus healing a man who had been paralyzed for thirty-eight years.

Chapter Two - “Who touched my clothes?”   Mark 5:21-43
This question demonstrates Jesus’ awareness of all, even those who remain invisible to most; and his willingness to lead each one in God’s mission.

Chapter Three - “What do you want me to do for you?”   Mark 10:32-52
In this chapter we see how the same question used in two different contexts addresses issues of authority and service in leadership and discipleship.

Chapter Four - “Do you also wish to go away?”   John 6:52-71
In this chapter we demonstrate how Jesus used a question to challenge his follower’s commitment to discipleship and lead-ing at a time when many were falling away.

Chapter Five - “Are you still sleeping?”   Matthew 26:36-56
Jesus’ question at Gethsemane reveals obstacles to discipleship and leadership, as well as introducing the issue of transfer-ence, all in the name of a crisis.

Chapter Six - “Do you believe this?”   John 11
Jesus challenges Martha to believe in resurrection when faced with death. Many leaders in today’s church face a similar challenge as they ask disciples to employ faith in the face of what is often deemed failure.

Chapter Seven - “Do you love me more than these?”   John 21:1-17
This post-resurrection question, asked of Simon Peter, demonstrates the power and hope of redemption, and the challenges of creating systemic change.

Chapter Eight - “What then did you go out to see?”   Luke 7:18-30
Jesus posed this question to his disciples about John the Baptist, after John’s disciples came, asking if Jesus was the ex-pected messiah. Both questions—the one asked of Jesus and Jesus’ own—get at the legitimacy of leadership, even when it defies our expectations.

Features supplemental information related to questions, leadership coaching, and additional discussion questions pertaining to each chapter that we feel a small group leader might find helpful.