Wm Griffith Books

The Changing Church: Finding Your Way To God's New Thing


In this new study, veteran pastors Dan Cash and Bill Griffith tackle the reality of the changing Christian Church In a rapidly shifting culture by turning to Scripture to explore eight paradigm shifts in the history of Christ’s gospel and its birth of the church. Beginning with Jesus’ parable of the new wineskins for new wine, Cash and Griffith suggest that God is inviting today’s church leaders to consider new ways of being the body of Christ in the world. Perfect for an 8-week study in small groups or Bible studies, the chapters identify a key shift in the New Testament narrative and a related dynamic of change with its relevance for local congregations and their leaders.

The eight topics explore:

New Wineskins - Bell curve of change
Incarnation - Types of change
Born Again - Obstacles to change
Kingdom Manifesto - Process for leading change
Old & New Covenants - Different approaches to change
Resurrection - No quitting in the face of change
Pentecost - Triggers of change
Everybody Welcome - Rate or pace of change