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More Than A Parting Prayer:
Lessons in Care Giving for the Dying

Lessons in care giving for the dying


“A Christian counselor with an ecumenical heart, William Griffith offers his experience to anyone seeking to provide spiritual support to people confronting life's end. Griffith's wisdom encourages clinicians and friends alike to show up, not with facile solutions, but with good intentions, a willingness to listen and commitment to remaining involved.”
Ira Byock M.D.
Director of Palliative Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, author of Dying Well, and The Four Things That Matter Most.

“Caring for the dying and their families involves more than just saying a final parting prayer. William Griffith, a chaplain for the Hospice of South Central Indiana and a pastor for 35 years, shares the insights and wisdom he's gained through his experience to help others care for those who are dying. In his preface he makes it clear that no one has all the answers, but "What the dying want more than answers is another person's presence. They want to know that someone cares and to experience that caring in a way that meets their particular needs. Each chapter features a story that illustrates a special facet of the process of death, then in "Lessons for Caregivers" Griffith provides insights that allow caregivers to understand better what is happening with the dying loved one. Throughout Griffith shows caregivers how to be the presence of Christ to those who are dying, and for each chapter he includes questions for reflection to help caregivers apply those insights to their own lives and circumstances.”
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