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Tears In A Bottle: Learning How to Grieve Well

Tears in a Bottle


“Griffith is a seasoned counselor with those who grieve, an ordained minister, and a gifted storyteller. In this wonderful book, he brings all three backgrounds together as he weaves stories of loss – from the Bible, the lives of others, and his own experiences – into a beautiful tapestry of hope in the midst of grief. You will be touched, as you see your own story through new lenses of faith and confidence.”
Ron Greer, Pastoral Counselor
Peachtree United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA Author, Markings on the Windowsill: A Book about Grief That’s Really About Hope

“Griffith shares personal times of compassionate, sensitivity in ministering to persons who grieve. This provides great reassurances to Stephen Ministers as they walk with people on their journey.”
Barbara Kramer, Stephen Minister Leader
Lowcountry Presbyterian Church, Bluffton, SC

"All persons involved in care giving, from the clergy to the lay member of a pastoral care team, will find William Griffith's latest book, Tears in a Bottle, a valuable resource in their ministry to and with the bereaved. This book has the feel of a conversation with the author as he weaves the reader through reflection on biblical stories of grief, his own experiences as both a pastor and hospice chaplain, and his reflective questions for the reader. The reader will feel the pull and tug of Griffith's words and questions helping him or her to confront personal experiences in grief, connect them with biblical reflection, and the practice of care giving. Griffith reminds us of the importance of the ministry work in bereavement, calling us to give focus, time and attention to all of the grief’s in life and death. Tears in a Bottle is an excellent book for individual growth and will even be richer when shared and discussed with a group."
Rev. Daniel Cash, D.Min.
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Columbus, IN

"Tears in a Bottle points all who are grieving to the lives of familiar biblical personalities to learn from their experiences. Through personal reflection exercises, William Griffith helps us reflect on our own grief as we journey through this book. He also sensitively takes your hand and helps you walk through the grieving process. With encouragement, support and guidance, he smoothes the ragged, empty, painful journey of healing. He calms the restless heart by providing hope and understanding."
David P. Gallagher, D.Min.
Program Director, Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, Wisconsin, Author: Healing Takes Time

"Having worked with Bill Griffith for several years in Hospice, I have seen him up close working with patients and staff. He has a heart for God and a love for people, especially the bereaved. This book shares the principles he has used to bring healing to his patients and clients. Tears in a Bottle takes a little known text and brings it to life. The writer takes several Biblical stories and relates them to his own life experiences with the grieving. My heart was touched by these real-life illustrations. This book will be valuable for individuals experiencing loss, and for groups gathered to support each other in grief. I will enthusiastically recommend it to my patients and clients. How comforting it is to realize we are never alone, and God cares about every tear we shed."
Thomas A. Long, M.Div.
Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor, Columbus, IN

"Grief is a universal experience, yet it’s not instinctive to grieve well. Nor does our culture support the grief process. So, most of us just want it over with. But there’s a better way. With hope as the foundation, William Griffith challenges the reader to grow in the ability to grieve. The significance of this growth may not be as obvious as it is profound: Those who grieve well, live well. Dr. Griffith provides a wide spectrum of stories from the Bible and contemporary life that will encourage the reader to trust God for hope and healing. Those who have experienced loss will readily find a common bond with the stories in this book."
Rev. Dr. Myrlene Hamilton Hess
Author of On the Road to Emmaus: A Travel Guide for Those Who Grieve Pastor of Morning Star Presbyterian Church, Bayville NJ

"This book presents in accessible language the good news of hope and healing in the face of loss and grief. William Griffith deftly integrates personal story and biblical narrative, psychological and theological insight, and clinical wisdom stemming from many years of counseling and chaplaincy practice. He thus helps us to better understand the dynamics of growth through suffering. Most importantly, he invites us to reflect deeply on our own experience of loss and grief and offers practical guidelines not only for self care but also for caring well for those around us facing loss."
Daniel S. Schipani, Dr. Psy., Ph.D.
Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary and author of: The Way of Wisdom in Pastoral Counseling

“Griffith brings together his experience and insights as a hospice chaplain with deep theological and biblical understanding to offer profound insight into the very human experience of grief.”
Perry G. Downs, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Doctorial Programs, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School